Saturday, March 20, 2010

The book's premiere release is on April 2nd at WonderCon!
Feel free to stop by our table and say hi, we love meeting people
and many of the artists will be attending the conference as well.

Hope to see you there!

In addition to all of the artists that can be found below,
Leftovers Lounge contains work by:

Akin Bilgic
Eunjung June Kim
Adam Blaine Dix
Shauna Lacoste

Besides our table at D6, also be sure to check out some of these other booths while at WonderCon:
Akin will be giving ZBrush demonstrations at the Pixologic Inc - Booth #933
Fabian Molina will have his own artist table at D12

Guillermo Martinez

To see more of Guillermo's work, check out his Blog.

Fabian Molina

Keeley Nolan

Yamil Medina

Santiago Casares

Joao Ribeiro & Bryan Thompson

Giovanny Cardenas & Reem Ali-Adeeb

Willis Bulliner

Lauren Kvalheim

Kris Behr

Beth Knight

Eivind Andvig